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Personalized Mugs

Personalize Mugs

Printable Area Size
3.15″ x 3.15″
80 x 80 mm
945 x 945 pixels

1 Starting at $14.00

Send your message with every sip. The giveaway they will use every day. Customize with your photo or logo.

Mug Color: White Included

Add a matching handle to your mug as a colorful complement to your photo.

Mug Color: Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Pink, and Black.

Add $3.00/ea.


Print on Pens

Document Trim Size
2.78″ x 1.27″
71 x 32 mm
835 x 381 pixels

Full Bleed Size
2.78″ x 1.33″
71 x 34 mm
835 x 398 pixels

1 Starting at $4.00

Advertise your business with four-color, 360-degree printing to click with new customers. An inexpensive and effective way to promote your business. Black ink pens available in quantities from 1 to 250

Engraved Pens

Printable Area Size
1.58″ x 0.28″
40 x 7 mm
473 x 83 pixels

1 Starting at $8.00

Add a name or personal message to this sophisticated gift for family, friends or employees. An inexpensive and effective way to promote your business. Black ink pens available in quantities from 1 to 250.

Pen Gift Box $4.00

USB Flash Drives

USB Flash Drive

Printable Area Size
1.58″ x 0.40″
40 x 10 mm
473 x 119 pixels

1 Starting at $18.00

Hand them 4GB of memory, so they remember you.

Handing out USB flash drives to existing and potential customers helps them keep their files safe for years to come and in turn, strengthens your relationship with them. Customers will associate you with reliability every time they see your logo while backing up their files.
The goal of promotional products is to generate more company awareness and acquire new customers, meaning all companies can hand them out. With your custom USB drives, you’ll be distributing a useful, well-thought out representation of your company to achieve long-term company awareness. So get designing and order your promotional USB drives today.



Printable Area Size
1.65″ x 0.87″
42 x 22 mm
496 x 260 pixels

1 Starting at $5.00

Give them something they can count on

There’s nothing like the sense of empowerment you feel when you solve a tough problem. Hand out promotional calculators with your company logo on them and you’re bound to be thought of fondly every time people use them to get out of a mathematical jam. It’s a win-win situation.
For software, technology and math-oriented companies, custom calculators are perfect for getting your business name out there. If you’re a startup software company, hand out promotional calculators at trade shows to generate as much buzz as possible. Or, if you’re part of an accounting firm, give your customers personalized calculators with your phone number on them to ensure they call you back next tax season.
With the ability to add your own text, images and company logo, your calculators will be the perfect promo item to get customers to remember you and your company.

Letter Openers

Letter Openers

Printable Area Size
1.77″ x 0.98″
45 x 25 mm
531 x 294 pixels

1 Staring at 7.00

Your logo will look sharp on this useful gadget

A custom letter opener proudly displays your logo and company name while helping your customers avoid paper cuts.
Promotional products don’t just give your customers something to use, they present them with an active advertisement that is recognized with every single use. Even while performing everyday tasks such as opening letters, your customers will look at your promotional letter opener and think of your company.
Hand out promotional letter openers with your company name and logo on them to show them how you’re on the cutting edge of your line of work. Or, if your business is in competition with several competitors, hand potential customers letter openers and a side-by-side comparison sheet of you and the other companies. You’ll cut through the competition and help your customers make a more informed decision.

Can Coolers

Can Coolers

Printable Area Size

2.68″ x 2.68″
68 x 68 mm
804 x 804 pixels

1 Starting at $7.00

They’ll see your logo with each sip

  • A refreshing way to make sure customers remember you
  • Customize with your name, logo, and contact information
  • It’s easy: Order in minutes and receive in as few as 3 days



Printable Area Size
2.67″ x 0.78″
68 x 20 mm
802 x 235 pixels

1 Starting at $5.00

Extend your reach to new customers with custom rulers.

Expand your customer base and boost the awareness of your company with promotional rulers from Xewux. Whether you hand these rulers out to existing customers at their homes or to potential customers at an exposition, your company will grow inch-by-inch right before your eyes.
These promotional rulers are effective no matter what type of company you run. If you’re in charge of a carpentry or home improvement business, hand out custom rulers with your company name so your customers are reminded of the terrific work you did for them previously. Or, if you do fine detailed interior decorating, hand out promotional rulers along with your business cards to show them how your work measures up to expectations. If you do great work, your customers will take an inch to travel miles to support your business.

Tape Measures

Tape Measures

Printable Area Size

1.18″ x 1.18″
30 x 30 mm
354 x 354 pixels

1 Starting at $7.00

Give them a gadget that’s long on usefulness

  • Show them how you measure up with this versatile tool
  • Customize with your name, logo, and contact information
  • It’s easy: Order in minutes and receive in as few as 3 days

Mouse Pads

Mouse Pads

Document Trim Size
9.25″ x 7.68″
235 x 195 mm
2776 x 2303 pixels

Full Bleed Size
9.80″ x 8.23″
249 x 209 mm
2941 x 2469 pixels

1 Starting at $9.00

Professional and practical, custom Mouse Pads add a personal touch to your office

Add some style to your home or office computer with custom mouse pads from Xewux. Mouse pads have the unique ability to turn a bland workplace area into something that looks professional and fun.